Complex security systems

Complex security systems make it possible to raise the overall efficiency of an enterprise or organization to an entirely new level. This is a solution to the security problem of the company as a whole and all its structures, using the method of implementing a single automated security system that positively affects the overall reliability and coherence of the facility.

Our company offers the following services for your business:

  • design and installation of fire alarm systems;
  • installation of a single video surveillance system;
  • projection and setting of security alarm systems;
  • establishing of fire detection systems and fire extinguishing networks;
  • development, planning, and installation of a unified control system using the most advanced equipment in the field of object protection.

The company Promtechservice offers both a comprehensive approach to solving the issue of security at the enterprise and the solution of separately standing tasks for your successfully operating business. Providing security will help improve the efficiency of the company as a whole, and significantly reduce the forces to control production and labor discipline by automating a significant number of work areas.

All necessary procedures and operations for the implementation of integrated security systems in the business are performed without intervention in the current process of the company's activities. Our specialists carry out the tasks quickly, professionally and step by step. A comprehensive approach to solving the company's security issues permits to maximize the impact of the implemented equipment and protection methods. Investments to protect the interests of own business bring a visible result immediately at the initial stage of implementation.

We offer universal methods in the development of a single security system for your business. These are both long-established technical solutions that have been repeatedly tested successfully in practice, and the newest innovative methods in the field of security systems. Our specialists will evaluate the existing situation at the enterprise as a whole, which will allow us to elaborate a number of necessary actions. An optimal plan for complex protection of the company will be designed, taking into account all wishes and notes.

Advantages of implementing an integrated security system:

  • increase the reliability of the company and equipment as a whole;
  • total security control using modern means of communication;
  • reduction of financial and labor costs due to automation of security processes.

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