Access control system

The automated access control system is installed to register and restrict the access of people and vehicles to a certain territory. Equipment for enterprises or organizations that allow controlling access to certain objects permits to systematize attendance data for workplaces. And also it becomes possible to identify a certain circle of persons who have the right to visit a particular territory, premises or office.

The main direction of the access control system is the supervision of the entrance and exit of people and movement of vehicles through the main access points (gates and doors). It is also possible to have extended functionality that provides a number of additional tasks. The access control system allows you automating the accounting for working time by fixing the entrance and exit of the staff. If the settings of the access control system are integrated with the automated accounting system, this can simplify the process of calculating salary. At the request of the client, the access control system can be combined with a single security system in the enterprise. This will make it possible to record any violations in the territory and in the premises.

The company Promtechservice provides a full range of services for the design, installation, and adjustment of access control systems at enterprises and organizations of any field of activity. With our help, you will be able to establish total control over the displacement of your employees. Thus, you will improve the efficiency of the workflow, save the company's budget by automating the processes of guarding and monitoring the attendance of workplaces by personnel. The control system will help limit entry to unauthorized persons on the territory of the enterprise. It will be possible to delineate zones of movement between different categories of personnel.

The installation of an access control system can be performed in any amount required by the customer. Depending on the result that you would like to receive and the range of tasks, our specialists will develop the most effective scheme for installing protective equipment. It is also possible to install and set up individual elements of the access control system. For example, it can be an electronic turnstile or an electromechanical gate, blocking electromechanical locks and electromagnetic devices for fixing the time of entry and exit. Contact us and we will offer you the most modern and convenient means of access control, which we will be able to implement at your enterprise in a short time!