Security alarm system

Protection of the enterprise property and private facilities can be accomplished through the installation of an alarm system. A modern security system designed and installed according to all the rules and regulations will ensure the maximum safety of your business. This will reduce the risk of unforeseen situations associated with property theft and damage, violation of rights.

The main stage of the work on the installation of security alarm is its design. The correctness and accuracy of decisions made by a specialist affect the level of protection of the enterprise in the future, during the entire period of the alarm system operation. There are several types of security alarms: wired and wireless; integrated with the existing local network in the company or operating separately. Our specialists will help to choose the right choice for you.

Our company is ready to offer to all interested customers the services of designing a high-quality alarm system, taking into account the specific features of your company's activities territorial location of the facility and other nuances. After learning all the notes and your desires, our specialists will be able to prepare a competent project. We have many years of experience in the field of security technologies and constantly update existing knowledge by studying innovative methods. Our masters successfully implement them in practice.

The draft alarm system may include the following types of work:

  • installation of motion control sensors along the perimeter of the territory and inside the building;
  • implantation of controllers that allow timely transmitting signals to the control panel;
  • installation of a system for collecting, storing and processing information.

During the development of the draft security alarm system, issues of the functioning of the security system are solved in agreement with the client. The main of them is who will receive signals about the violation of the alarm system and how the responsibility for safety will be distributed at each site of the enterprise. Installation of the security system is carried out by our specialists in the shortest possible time with the use of modern equipment. Professional and well-coordinated work of Promtechservice staff allows quickly carrying out any number of works from scratch and on a turn-key basis at a customer-friendly price. If necessary, we are ready to upgrade the already installed security alarm system in your company. In this case, we replace outdated equipment with new and more functional ones.