Sprinkler fire extinguishing

The system of sprinkler extinguishing is one of the types of automatic fire fighting systems. It effectively allows providing a fight of ignition without the participation of people. Designing and installing a sprinkler fire extinguishing system is a task that should be entrusted only to professionals. Because the correctness of the installation will affect the level of fire protection in your company or enterprise.

For the trouble-proof functioning of the sprinkler fire extinguishing system, it is necessary to mount all necessary equipment professionally and competently. To ensure this, it is necessary to connect it to the water supply system or to storage of another substance that can extinguish the fire at the first stage of ignition. Sprinklers, whose function is to continuously supply a small flow of water in case of fire, should be located at an optimal distance from each other, depending on the total area of the room.

Specialists of our company are ready to perform a full range of works on the development of the project of sprinkler fire extinguishing, installation of necessary equipment and commissioning of the installed system. During the development of the project, the experience of our masters will allow us observing all the necessary nuances, such as the technical condition of the territory or premises. Also, an important role is played by the square and configuration of rooms and surrounding areas, as well as the location of installation sites for electrified and other permanently operating equipment. Accurate observance of all the features of the facility activities, which is planned to be equipped with a sprinkler fire extinguishing system, will allow the most competent design of the project at minimal costs for the customer.

Our company practices a comprehensive approach to equipping the enterprises or organizations with a firefighting system. At the request of the client, certain types of work can be performed, as well as the replacement of old fire-fighting equipment with modern one. All our services comply with the requirements of existing standards and regulations. Having assessed the condition and technical parameters of your organization premises, where the installation of a sprinkler fire extinguishing system is planned, our specialists will offer the most appropriate options for choosing the equipment. For example, a low-temperature or high-temperature extinguishing system. At the request of the customer, there may be a long-term and permanent cooperation as part of the periodic technical inspection and maintenance of the sprinkler systems.