The security and fire alarm system

The introduction of a security and fire alarm system includes the design and installation of equipment that allows total control of the object in terms of fire safety. The fire alarm system is a fully automated chain. It allows timely informing about the fire, processing the data, transmitting sound or video with the help of special equipment and additions. The fire alarm system includes a smoke protection system, a chain of fire detectors throughout the perimeter of the facility, taking into account a preliminary evaluation of the fire hazards risk at a particular facility.

The company Promtechservice offers a comprehensive approach to solving the problem of fire safety by installing security systems in your company. We will help you to solve the problem of protecting property, territory, and premises for any purpose from fires. As part of the fire alarm system installation project, our specialists will provide fire alarm sensors, sirens and beacons, information monitoring devices and centralized management of the fire safety system as a whole.

Our company is ready to develop and implement a security and fire alarm system at your enterprise in the shortest possible time from scratch and on a turn-key basis. We also offer services to upgrade the existing fire safety system of any facilities. This may be a partial or complete replacement of installed equipment and improvement of present protection technologies.

The system of security and fire alarm systems will allow increasing the reliability of security level control of the facilities of various fields of activity. This will reduce the risk of fires in the premises and in the surrounding area, as well as protect property from the uncontrolled ignition. Thus, you will improve the efficiency of the company as a whole, increase the economic benefit and reduce the unpredictable costs of eliminating unforeseen situations.

Ordering the design, development, and installation of a security and fire alarm system in our company, you get:

  • high-quality execution of the full range of works in a short time;
  • professional approach to the deal by a team of specialists with extensive experience;
  • the most modern methods and patented fire protection technologies in the development of the project;
  • excellent combination of price and guaranteed high quality of the works.