Video Surveillance System

The implementation of a video surveillance system allows you to solve many tasks, such as protecting the property and financial and intellectual assets of the company. It helps timely prevent situations that can damage your business, and contribute to a total control over what is happening in the territory and offices of the company around the clock.

Installation of a video surveillance system must be proceeded in an integrated manner using the professional approach to the design of the placement of video surveillance sightings, particular cameras and tracking monitors. It’s all depending on the specifics of the enterprise and the area of the territory and integrated approach will help to avoid "bottlenecks" in the future exploitation of the system. At the same time, a professional approach to designing a video surveillance system will prevent unnecessary costs: experts know that it is not worthwhile to equip with cameras each square meter of the territory. For total control over the situation, it is enough to place video surveillance devices at the right points.

The “Promtehservis” company offers services for the preparation of a video surveillance system project for your organization of any profiling in accordance with the specific tasks carried out, as well as installation and adjustment of the already installed equipment on a turn-key basis. We are ready to develop a project for equipping your company with a CCTV system from scratch on a turnkey basis, based on any budget. If necessary, the specialists of our company can upgrade already installed equipment, updating it completely or partially in accordance with the latest techniques in the field of the security industry and innovative technologies.

Advantages of installing a video surveillance system for a company or organization:

  • reducing the risks of embezzlement of property and damage to equipment;
  • the opportunity to reduce labor costs for security services;
  • prevention of internal misunderstanding and conflict situations inside the staff;
  • control over the movement of personnel across the territory and offices of the enterprise;
  • control over the movement of vehicles inside the protected site;
  • recording what is happening around the clock and archiving security footage;
  • a modern approach to secure property and safe assets of the company.

Specialists of our company provide the installation of a video surveillance system on short notice at any time convenient for the customer. We ensure result-oriented work and practice an individual approach to each client. When working with us, you are making a real contribution to protecting the interests of your business!