Repair works of buildings and facilities

The company Promtechservice offers a range of works to restore the efficiency of buildings and facilities through the implementation of quality repairs. Also, any reconstruction work due to the restoration of individual parts of buildings and reinforcement of structures is possible. Complex repair of facilities will improve its basic technical and economic indicators, extending the life of the exploitation to the maximum possible.

As part of the work on the repair of buildings, our company offers:

  • restoration or full replacement of foundation, walls, wall frames and ceiling;
  • strengthening and restoration of the blind area;
  • strengthening of walls insulation and floors;
  • replacement of concrete structural elements;
  • relaying and strengthening of individual sections of walls;

warming, restoration or complete replacement of individual elements of facilities for industrial or household purpose.

All our work is carried out by a team of qualified specialists who have the necessary experience of working with the use of our own special equipment and tools. In addition to a wide range of works as part of the overhaul of buildings and facilities, the masters of our company execute interior finishing works. The service includes painting and plastering, replacement of electricians and plumbing, as well as facing and other types of work.

Regardless of the scope of work, we are ready to offer the shortest possible deadlines for their implementation with the preliminary preparation of a technical design for the project. We carry out works in full compliance with the requirements of regulatory documents that govern the supply of services in the construction sector. Repair work on buildings is performed without delay of the technological process of the enterprise. In the event that it is not possible to perform certain types of work without stopping the production process, we guarantee the minimum deadlines for this work. This produces to reduce financial and economic losses due to the interruption of the workflow.

Timely repair of buildings will allow you to avoid global financial costs for the reconstruction or construction of new production facilities. We are ready to develop project estimates and other necessary documentation for the performance of full or partial repairs. At the same time, we ourselves carry out full coordination of these documents in licensing and administrative authorities.