Data centers

Business processes automation and streamlining the management of many fields of your company's activities can be ensured by the implementation of a data center. We offer a full range of services to equip your business with an integrated centralized system, by which the main processes will be automated. The introduction of a data processing center will increase the reliability of the production process, the level of productivity and the financial returns from the activities that you carry out.

As part of the project of implementing a data center, we offer the following services:

  • designing a server and implementing a high-speed local network in the enterprise;
  • installation of diesel power plants for trouble-free operation of equipment;
  • placement of industrial uninterruptible power supplies;
  • laying, structuring, and installation of the cable network.

The implementation of an integrated data processing center will allow to establish a unified system for managing telecommunication services, organize the network work of software and applications necessary in the production process, and also streamline the storage of corporate data, and introduce a single user administration process.

Services for organizing data processing centers at enterprises of any field of activity is carried out by a team of specialists of our company who have a specialized education and considerable professional experience in this field. All the works and services performed within the framework of the implementation of the data center project are carried out on short notice in an integrated manner with the use of high-quality equipment and components. At the same time, our company is ready to offer you the best prices for performing all kinds of works related to the implementation of the data center project.

The telecommunication equipment installed by our specialists meets the European quality standards and corresponds to the highest level of reliability. A warranty is provided for all types of work performed. At the request of the customer, it is also possible to provide full technical support for the operation of the equipment throughout the "life cycle", as well as to carry out all types of preventive and repair work of the established data processing network.

Our company's services in the field of telecommunications will allow your business to reach a new level of development, automating the most important production processes with the guarantee of complete safety and confidentiality of information.