Diesel of power plant

The company Promtechservice carries out a full range of works on design, installation, and commissioning of diesel power stations. Works are possible on objects of different purposes. We are ready to perform a set of works related to the commissioning of the power supply system using modern equipment and taking into account the requirements of the latest technical standards. Installed diesel power plant will allow establishing a guaranteed uninterrupted electric power supply system at a facility of any size and scale. It is a useful thing in a small country house, and on a large industrial or production facility.

Designing, assembling and commissioning of the diesel power plant is performed by the masters of our company, who have the necessary qualifications, profile education and work experience in this field. Projecting of a power supply system with the introduction of a diesel station is carried out by technically competent engineers. We use automated programs in full compliance with the requirements of regulatory documentation, which regulates the implementation of activities related to electrical works. The specialists will make an accurate calculation of the necessary power of electrical equipment and will offer you the best variant of the diesel power plant model.

Diesel power plant can serve as the main source of electricity and the source of backup power supply. The reserve variant will automatically start up in the event of interruptions with the supply of electrical energy from the main source. The development of the project is conducted by our experts taking into account the individual requirements of the customer. The coordination of project documentation with all the necessary supervisory authorities is made by us in a short time. Immediately after the approval of the project works, we proceed to install the diesel power plant and all necessary equipment, carry out commissioning. You can always use the services of our specialists in the implementation of warranty preventive works if it’s necessary. We also offer repair work during the post-warranty period.

Our company has all necessary licenses and permits for the assembling of activities related to the installation of power supply stations. We offer the best prices for the full range of works and services. You will receive professional advice on the implementation of the electricity supply project, favorable prices for electrical equipment of the best domestic and foreign manufacturers.