Precision air conditioners

Precision air conditioners belong to the category of highly reliable industrial climate equipment. They are able to work in the uninterrupted mode for several decades. The most common precision air conditioners are with the remote condenser, consisting of a compressor, evaporator, humidifier, and fan.

The company Promtechservice offers to all interested customers precision air conditioners of two types: with an upper air supply or with a lower air supply. Also, you can order air conditioners operating in two modes: for cooling and moisturizing; for heating and humidification or single-mode air-conditioning units that work only for cooling. According to the individual order of our customers, we are ready to supply precision air conditioners, whose operation mode will be adjusted according to the specifically needed by the customer scheme.

A feature of the operation of air conditioners is the ability to maintain the required air temperature with maximum accuracy, up to the hundredth degree. The humidity level is accurate to two percent. With the help of precision air conditioners, the necessary climatic conditions can be created in the premises of any destination. For example, in libraries and museum halls, as well as in server rooms and those places where installed expensive equipment that requires maintaining a constant regime of a certain temperature and humidity.

Precision air conditioners are able to work in a continuous operation mode even under extreme loads. With the help of a precision air conditioner, you can easily solve the problem of cooling a large number of office equipment at the same time. Precision air conditioners are urgently needed for the reliable functioning of server zones.

Precision air conditioners belong to the category of expensive equipment, but only in the catalog of our company, you can find the most reasonable prices for the most high-tech models of well-known manufacturers. Alternatives to precision air conditioners are not available on the market at present. This equipment is indispensable in such areas as health, manufacturing, science, culture and many others.

The specialists of our company will carry out the installation and commissioning of the precision air conditioner in the shortest possible time. At the request of the customer, a full range of services related to maintenance, prevention, and repair of installed equipment is possible.