Thermal energy metering units

Installation of heat accounting elements will help you to save energy resources, ensure their optimal use and reduce financial costs due to a clear control over the heat energy consumption. Modern instruments are distinguished by high technical and operational characteristics; demonstrate practicality in use and absolute accuracy of controlled data. That’s why you should not rely on the old, out-of-service equipment, timely replacing it, by contacting our company. Therefore, make a timely replacement, by contacting our company.

We offer installation of heat metering units for household and industrial consumers. Complex introduction of metering devices and additional equipment will allow a clear control and accounting of consumed electricity. In turn, this will reduce financial costs and improve the efficiency of the heat use.

The heat energy accounting units can be installed as a complex, as part of the implementation of the project for the introduction of a heating and water supply system, or separately, introduction of heat and water supply into the existing and working system. Our specialists will quickly and qualitatively perform the full complex of necessary preparatory works for the installation of the main equipment.

The initial stage of the installation of the heat metering unit involves the inspection of the customer's facility by our experts. This will allow evaluating existing capacities and determining the choice of the necessary equipment. An important advantage of choosing our company is direct cooperation with the manufacturers of accounting equipment. That’s why we are ready to offer you the best prices in comparison with other companies.

Professional approach to solving technical issues by specialists of our company will make it possible to fulfill an order for the installation of heat metering units operatively and without stopping the working process of the main equipment. The problem of saving energy and financial investments to pay bills for electricity and heat can be solved in the best way in a short time. Contact Promtechservice Ltd for this!

We carry out all the works of installing the heat metering unit in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents according to this activity. Our employees will prepare the accompanying documentation in a short time, coordinating it with the necessary authorities. Cooperation with professionals guarantees you the reliable operation of the installed equipment. And the worthy experience of our specialists will make you confident in the absolute quality of the mounting work.