water treatment of swimming pools

When you planning to equip your house with a swimming pool, do not forget that the installation of a swimming facility requires preliminary preparation. In order to make the pool bring only benefits, and not become a source of infections and pathogens, you should think ahead in advance of many technical points.

Our company offers the services of water treatment of swimming pools on a turn-key basis. The equipment installed by us will allow you to be completely sure that the pool water is always exceptionally clean, fresh and crystal clear. The pool, regardless of its size and location, requires constant care. Providing timely cleaning of the swimming pool in advance, you can save labor and financial investments in cleaning the pool during the service life.

Complex service of the pool water treatment in our company includes installation of:

  • a pre-treatment system that enters the water tank to reduce the number of harmful impurities in the water by a filtration method;
  • equipment for continuous disinfection of water in the basin by chlorination or ozonation;
  • equipment for uninterrupted water circulation with simultaneous correction of its biological background and elimination of harmful impurities.

Specialists of our company are ready to carry out a full range of works on water treatment of swimming pools for both private customers and organizations. We carry out works from improving the water-preparation equipment of the mini-pool to the full design and installation of the necessary equipment for the collective pool in large sports facilities, designed for a large attendance.

In case of ordering the service, water treatment of the pool, we are ready to offer a visit of a specialist to the customer's place for advice on how to solve the problem from a technical point of view. Our masters will implement all the necessary measurements, as well as help you decide on the choice of the necessary equipment. Delivery of the necessary water treatment equipment is carried out in a short time and at favorable prices for the client. Our cooperation with direct domestic and foreign suppliers allows us to guarantee the high quality of installed equipment at competitive rates.