Power supply system

The company Promtechservice offers services for the design and implementation of power supply system on a turn-key basis. It is also possible to perform a full range of works related to the device of electro communications. Their reliable functioning directly affects the safety of property and other values of the enterprise or organization. A professional approach to solving the issue of designing, implementing and setting up an integrated power supply system for an enterprise will allow optimizing electricity costs, reducing the consumption of resources and ensuring their most rational use.

The specialists of our company carry out a full range of works from the design of the power supply system to the installation and commissioning of equipment that are included in the system. We guarantee the quality of our work. This includes the uninterrupted power supply to buildings and premises of your enterprise, the fire safety of the installed system and clear compliance of the equipment with current standards, norms, and rules in the field of electricity supply.

A professional approach to tasks allows us implementing large-scale projects at affordable prices. Direct cooperation of our company with suppliers of electrical equipment makes it possible to keep reasonable prices for works and services.

The range of services that we offer in the design and implementation of the power supply system includes:

  • development and installation of power supply projects for office buildings and premises;
  • supply of electrical equipment at favorable prices for the customer, including switchboard equipment;
  • adjustment of cable lines with the use of specialized apparatus;
  • reconstruction and modernization of transformer substations.

We are ready to propose the introduction of a power supply system in buildings for any purpose under construction or a complete reconstruction on a turn-key basis of the existing system that is out of order or does not comply with safety standards. Preparation of all necessary documentation is executed by specialists of our company in a short time.

Cooperating with us, you care about the stability and efficiency of your business. Because reliable and modern power supply system increases the safety of the production process, reducing the likelihood of unforeseen financial expenses.