Installation of external cable lines

As part of the implementation of the full range of electrical installation works, Promtechservice offers to lay cable lines and power cables services, as well as performing any job to provide air cable lines. Specialists of our company are ready to complete the task without involving third-party people and organizations, as we have all necessary equipment and permits for this kind of work.

The laying of any length cable lines is carried out quickly efficiently and at reasonable prices, regardless of the complexity and specificity of work at each particular facility. The masters of our company have the necessary qualifications that allow us carrying out works related to the installation of cable lines with voltage up to 0,4 kV, 6 kV, 10 kV and 35 kV. This allows us conducting any projects by ourselves on a turn-key basis.

As part of the order for the laying of cable lines, we initially work on the development and preparation of the project. We coordinate all the necessary documentation; perform all the preparatory and basic work. Also, if necessary, we provide maintenance and repair services for cable lines. We can install cable lines by several methods: in the ground or in trenches, and also over the airlines. Inside buildings and premises, the laying of cable lines is carried out using special channels and boxes.

At the final stage, we are ready to professionally perform a set of commissioning works, taking into account all the requirements of the regulatory documentation that describes the introduction of electrical equipment. If necessary, it is possible to use additional waterproofing means in case of laying cable lines in the ground.

Our company has a long experience of cooperation with manufacturers of electrical equipment. Due to this, supplies of the necessary materials are provided in a short time and at affordable prices. We are ready to offer our customers modern electrical equipment and additional materials, which meet the requirements of the Interstate Standard and other rules of operational documents.

Professionalism and high level of technical training of our employees allow us providing any services related to electricity supply at a decent level. We give guarantees for all types of works and for the best prices in this sphere!