Reconstruction of transformer substations

As part of the implementation of the full range of works on the introduction and maintenance of power supply systems, Promtechservice offers a full range of works on the reconstruction of transformer substations. Work is carried out in a short time, at reasonable prices and with full compliance with all modern rules and regulations.

We are ready to offer you the following types of work:

  • development of the project of complex reconstruction or modernization of the transformer substation from scratch and on a turn-key basis;
  • performance of all types of construction and installation works as part of the preparatory work for the replacement of the transformer substation;
  • coordination of the list of necessary equipment with the customer, ordering, and delivery of selected items to the working facility;
  • installation of the transformer substation electrical equipment;
  • adjustment, testing of capacities and commissioning of installed electrical equipment.

All types of work on the reconstruction of transformer substations are carried out by experienced specialists that have the appropriate qualifications. The procedures are carried out using modern high-tech equipment and materials. This allows providing the high quality of the executed works, giving the customer a guarantee for the finished project.

An integrated approach to solving the problems of transformer substations reconstruction and direct cooperation with suppliers of electrical equipment and auxiliary materials allows us keeping an acceptable level of prices for the entire range of services provided in the field of electricity supply. Our specialists will promptly and competently prepare all necessary technical and normative documents. Also, they will be coordinated with the necessary authorities, which will speed up the process of fulfilling the order.

We practice the implementation of certain types of work to improve the operation of electrical equipment of transformer substations. At the request of the customer, partial replacement or modernization of existing electrical appliances, components and electrical equipment that is out of order is possible. More powerful transformer equipment or switchgear can be installed at the discretion of the customer. This will increase the capacity of the substation without performing a complete reconstruction of the facility.

Turning to our company, you get a reliable and professional partner. We are always ready to perform a wide range of works in the shortest time and at the best prices!