Industrial ventilation systems

The designing of a project for the integrated ventilation of industrial premises should be carried out taking into account the distinctive features of enterprise activities, the dimensions of the production facilities and the number of equipment installed. The principle of the ventilation system of industrial premises differs from the ventilation in the household buildings by many important points, which only professional engineers and technologists can take into consideration.

The Promtehservis offers a comprehensive approach to the installation of a ventilation system in manufacturing enterprises. We are ready to solve the tasks from scratch and on turnkey basis. While working with our specialists, you can order professional advice, measurements of the production facilities area, designing a project of the ventilation system, the necessary equipment, as well as installation and a full set of commissioning.

The ventilation system of industrial premises established in accordance with all existing norms and rules can provide:

comfortable working conditions for the staff of the manufacturing enterprise;

reliable and uninterrupted operation of equipment in industrial facilities, regardless of the temperature conditions on the street;

constant and timely cleaning of air in industrial premises from particles and impurities harmful and hazardous to health. This is inherent in various manufacturing processes;

normalization of the air parameters of the working area for the compliance of production facilities with hygienic standards and rules.

Designing ventilation projects for industrial enterprises, our specialists always take into account such factors as the workload of the production room with main and auxiliary equipment, the number of staff and the length of time staying it is in the premises. They also take into consideration the presence of harmful and hazardous chemical impurities in the air of the work area, and other dangerous and harmful factors, analyzing which it is possible to prepare a project of an effective ventilation system.

The work performed by the specialists of our company on the installation of ventilation systems in the workplace fully meet the industry standards, using which operators regulate and control the parameters of ventilation systems at production facilities. We are also ready to quickly and professionally carry out a full range of works on reconstruction and modernization of ventilation systems of industrial premises in the order of our customers, and these all are available at affordable prices!