Refrigerating equipment for warehouses and shops

The company Promtechservice offers cooperation to organizations, enterprises, and companies, whose activities are related to the commercial sphere. We are ready to offer you a full range of works and services related to the development and implementation of cold storage systems for warehouses and stores. Any works, professional consultations, measurements, installation and maintenance in the field of refrigeration equipment are carried out by specialists of our company quickly and at reasonable prices. All our customers become our regular partners!

The installation of a cold storage system for warehouses will ensure the safety of the goods and food you sell within the maximum period. Correctly and technically competently installed cooling system of a warehouse or a hall of a shopping center can guarantee the freshness of products and goods, and their perfect appearance. This will undoubtedly affect the customer demand and, subsequently, the profitability of your trading business.

Specialists of our company professionally and technically solve any problems. From the installation of a cooling system in small retail stores to the equipment of complex refrigeration at the largest shopping centers from scratch and on a turn-key basis. We will offer you a variety of solutions for the problem of goods and food products storage, depending on your capabilities!

Cooperation with direct suppliers of refrigeration equipment allows our company providing the best prices for the complex implementation of works on the introduction of the cooling system. Turning to Promtechservice Ltd, you can always be sure of the professionalism and the technical competence of our employees.

An integrated approach to solving the problem of equipping an organization or enterprise with a refrigeration system includes:

  • carrying out of measurements of trading halls and warehouses of goods storage;
  • advice to the customer with the proposal of various variants of the issue in the price range solution;
  • selection and organization of necessary refrigeration equipment supply;
  • installation and connection of equipment, the creation of a unified cooling system, commissioning.

As part of the cooperation agreement, our company's specialists can provide integrated support and maintenance services for your organization's cooling system throughout the lifetime of the equipment.