Ventilation systems for restaurants and bars

Our company offers the designing and installation of ventilation systems in public catering, restaurants, cafes, and bars. Professionally installed ventilation system provides comfortable conditions for both company employees and visitors if it performs in accordance with existing rules and regulations in the organizations that provide services in the public catering sector. In those places, where halls are equipped with a modern ventilation system, there is a customer flows at any time of the year. During the summer heat, the restaurants, cafes and bars regulars will prefer to go to in the place where the climate is most comfortable due to the stable operation of the ventilation system.

The installation of a ventilation system in restaurants, cafes, bars and other public catering requires a professional integrated approach. When choosing the equipment, it is necessary to competently calculate the capacity of ventilation systems and supply-exhaust air ducts and also carefully consider the issue of their location. In public catering, it is recommended to install ventilation systems with different pressures capacity. In the premises where the cooking process is going on, the exhaust systems should operate at a lower pressure in comparison with the ventilation equipment that carries out air exchange in the halls for visitors.

All the necessary subtleties and nuances of the installation of ventilation equipment in restaurants, bars, and cafes are known to specialists of our company. We are ready to develop an individual project of equipping the premises for your restaurant business with ventilation systems and supply the necessary equipment, perform installation and commissioning as soon as possible and at a better price.

Specificity of the restaurant business implies observance of certain norms and sanitary rules, which should be taken into account when designing a ventilation system for catering organizations. We are ready to offer our customers professional advice on the issues of project development, execute a full spectrum of works and provide full technical support and maintenance of equipment throughout its service life.

We will help you create the perfect climate for your catering business by implementing a modern ventilation system in the halls of your cafe, restaurant or bar. You can expand the range of regular clients, increase customer traffic at any time of the year, and as a result, increase the efficiency and profitability of your business.