Internal fire-prevention pipeline

To ensure fire safety in buildings of any purpose, there is a technical solution, the introduction of an internal fire-prevention pipeline. With the help of installed firefighting equipment, the supply of water to the source of ignition can be provided in a timely manner in the event of a fire hazard situation. It is used in the places of private or industrial purposes.

We offer a comprehensive approach to solving the issue of maintaining the fire safety of buildings at a decent level. This means the use and application of modern technical solutions and the introduction of modernized equipment. Our specialists are ready to develop a project for an internal fire-prevention pipeline and carry out all the necessary range of works for its installation and commissioning.

The works connected with the introduction of the fire safety system can be carried out at the stage of construction and installation works in the building. If necessary, our specialists are ready to implement the project of an internal fire-prevention pipeline at existing social, industrial or other purpose facilities.

The installation of the fire-prevention pipeline will allow the immediate supply of water to the source of fire, both inside buildings and outside, along with the entire perimeter of the nearest territory. At the stage of project preparation, our specialists will perform all necessary measurements of the areas of buildings and territory of the customer's facility. The next stage is the development of the layout of equipment and the maquette of fire-fighting pipelines. It is important to determine the location of hydrants and other auxiliary firefighting equipment.

In the case of a comprehensive order for the implementation of fire protection systems, our specialists will offer the best prices for the necessary equipment. We guarantee short deadlines for all types of preparatory and basic installation works. Our duties are also the coordination of all necessary documentation in the relevant services and authorities. As mutually beneficial cooperation, we propose the development of the most effective arrangement of firefighting equipment in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents. This justifies the work on the installation of water-supply equipment at industrial or social facilities. Choose quality services at affordable prices. Our company works harmoniously, efficiently and competently for you!