Fire warning systems for people

The installation of a modern alarm system allows timely warning of the occurrence of a hazardous situation at the time of occurrence of a fire or smoke. The equipment can be set up in industrial or other premises. Reducing the risk of major fires and extreme situations in your company can significantly increase the overall level of protection of the company employees. That subsequently reduces the possibility of unforeseen financial costs.

Designing a single integrated fire warning system for people is a set of activities that include:

  • assessment of existing fire risk at a specific facility;
  • design and coordination of the warning system project with the customer;
  • the complex of works on installation, adjustment, introduction, and testing of equipment.

Our company offers a full range of services for equipping your company or organization with fire alarm systems in accordance with the current regulatory documents, federal laws and fire safety rules. Our specialists will install fire alarm systems and necessary equipment. This allows evacuating people in the event of a life-threatening situation, taking into account all the requirements in accordance with the purpose and classification of premises.

If necessary, it is possible to install systems for a special purpose to alert people about a fire. For example, a light flashing display for people with disabilities or alarms that supply impulse signals of increased brightness. We practice an individual approach to each client. Depending on the activities that you carry out, the fire protection project will take into account all the specifics and nuances of your business. The equipment installed by our specialists meets all necessary norms and rules, and also has the necessary certificates and licensing documentation.

Our masters will help you find the best equipment and develop a project of fire prevention. This will allow you ensuring the uninterrupted and reliable operation of an enterprise or organization of any field of activity with minimal financial investments. During the development of the project, we take into account the features of the structure of buildings, the specific risks of a particular area of activity, the size of the team and other important moments. Turning to our company, you make the maximum contribution to the stability of your business!