Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supplies

You can always find a wide range of industrial uninterruptible power supplies at the best prices in the catalog of our company. We are ready to offer high-quality products from well-known foreign manufacturers, as well as alternative similar equipment of Russian producers to all interested customers.

Uninterruptible power supplies, equipped with high-power and high-capacity batteries, are intended for use in the production sector. This allows guaranteeing the necessary energy reserve for the maximum time. Industrial UPS are used in various spheres of life.

We offer industrial UPS equipment of several types: linear-interactive, linear backup and double-conversed UPS. These variants of equipment can be used for servicing large industrial facilities and social institutions (hospitals and ambulance stations).

Specialists of our company will carry out the full range of works necessary for putting the equipment into operation. We technically make the setting of the installed technology for automatic switching from the main power mode to the backup mode using the UPS. The advantage of using uninterruptible power supply is to reduce the risks of disabling the equipment because it provides for continuous operation in around-the-clock and constant mode. The use of industrial UPS will avoid disabling the operation of the equipment in the event of an unexpected disconnection of the main power source. This will save the working condition of expensive equipment.

Specialists of our company are ready to advise you on the issue of selecting the model of an industrial uninterruptible power supply in accordance with the parameters that are necessary for your field of activity. Delivery, installation, and commissioning of the ordered UPS equipment are carried out in the shortest possible time. We provide quality assurance both for equipment and a full range of work and services.