Heating and water supply systems

Promtehservice offer preparation and development of a technically well-defined project for the implementation of a heating and water supply systems, as well as the full range of services for the installation, and commissioning of necessary equipment. We are ready to implement the project of heating and water supply from scratch on a turn-key basis in private residential houses, multi-family buildings, as well as in enterprises and organizations of any areas of activity.

The specialists of our company have all the necessary qualifications and work experience, which will allow us to perform a full range of works in the short term with the use of specialized equipment and modern installation tools. We are ready to solve problems of any complexity and any amount. The high level of quality performed by our specialists is confirmed by reliable and smooth operation of the equipment that we installed at many ready-made and commissioned objects.

When developing the project of the heating and water supply system, as well as performing the installation of equipment, our specialists take into account all the necessary requirements of regulatory documents, GOSTs, SNiPs and operating rules of heating and water supply systems. Strict compliance with the requirements of regulatory documentation can guarantee the customer safe and reliable operation of the heating system and water supply system for as long as possible.

The range of services offered by us is wide and varied:

  • an integrated installation of heat distribution stations;
  • installation of devices for measuring and metering thermal energy;
  • laying down water supply and sewerage networks;
  • water purifying of swimming pools;
  • laying down and commissioning of internal fire-extinguisher piping.

A professional approach to the tasks performed allows us to implement the heating and water supply project both at completion point of construction work and at the stage of completed interior fit-out. At the request of the customer, it is possible to perform a full range of works to improve and modernize the existing heating system and sewerage system, as well as improve the efficiency of existing systems by replacing obsolete equipment.

On completion of the work, our specialists testing the system of water supply and heating on the mandatory basis. The customer is provided with a warranty on volume of work performed, as well as certificates for installed equipment and a complete set of technical documentation.