Thermal stations

Turning to us, you can order the development of a project for the introduction of a heat point consisting of one or more elements of power plants. With the help of this system, it will be possible to ensure a continuous supply of heat and its distribution to specific objects of consumption. We perform work on the installation of a thermal point in a comprehensive manner, practicing a technically competent approach to solving the tasks. We take into account the preliminary calculation of the needful power to the customer and the selection of the necessary equipment.

The introduction of a heat point allows solving a wide range of tasks on the concrete facility of the customer:

  • distribute heat energy in accordance with the individual requirements of every consumer;
  • control and regulate the parameters and power of thermal energy;
  • carry out a timely automatic shutdown of the source of heat supply in accordance with the individual requirements of the consumer;
  • make the automated expense of the used heat energy;
  • increase the efficiency of energy consumption.

Our company offers installation of several types of thermal points. The first is the individual heat points, widely used to equip special rooms owned by a private customer. The second is the central thermal points, which will enable to serve several energy consumers simultaneously. And also block thermal points made by the checked up domestic and foreign manufacturers.

An integrated approach to the introducing a heat point at the customer's facility involves the preparation of a complete set of project documentation, the stage of coordination of the finished project with the necessary licensing authorities. The supply of the necessary equipment and a full range of works on the installation of equipment come next. The final point is the commissioning of the project.

The advantages of cooperation with Promtechservice Ltd are:

  • reasonable prices for all services and equipment supplied by the manufacturer;
  • short deadlines for all phases of work;
  • technical competent approach to the organization of the testing process;
  • quality guarantee for the work and the equipment;
  • the possibility of post-warranty maintenance of equipment with the implementation of a complex services and repair work as part of an individual order.

Turning to us, you acquire a reliable and responsible partner for profitable and long-term cooperation!